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The Future
For the next generation
of physicians
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A future built on partnership

Health care is evolving and we at NBME are evolving with it. The input and collaboration of all those in the medical profession is essential to this evolution. Together we can explore innovative and inclusive assessment tools to help future generations of physicians develop not only the knowledge, but the skills and behaviors needed to treat patients.

We are planning for the future
of medical assessment,
Help us
meet this moment
in medical education.
The Path forward
We’re seeking the advice and opinions of our community to identify how, together, we can ensure the next generation of physicians feel supported and prepared to provide the best possible patient care. Please, share your thoughts with us:
Thanks to feedback from partners like you, NBME has a number of initiatives underway to help move medical assessment into a better, brighter future. Learn more about these innovations and the collaboration that’s making then possible.
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Be a Part of the Future of Assessment

More and more, medical education includes the advancement of skills and behaviors alongside knowledge, so students can develop as physicians who are fully prepared to provide effective patient care. We’re rethinking how innovative assessments can facilitate this evolution, but we can’t do it alone or without new perspectives and ideas.