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A future built on partnership

As medical education curriculum evolves to reflect the latest advancements in health care, the need for new, innovative and inclusive assessment tools becomes more critical than ever. NBME is collaborating with the medical education community to determine how, together, we can ensure the next generation of physicians is prepared to provide the best possible patient care.

Informed by feedback from the community, NBME has a number of initiatives underway to help move medical education assessment forward. Learn more about these innovations and the collaborations that are making them possible.
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Innovations in Assessment
Ask the Expert: How can research on clinical reasoning impact the future of medical education assessment?
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Innovations in Assessment
What part can Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning play in the advancement of medical education assessment?
Jennifer Randall giving keynote speech at conference
Fairness in Testing
How can we purposefully create space for difficult conversations in medical education assessment?
Innovations in Assessment
Why do we need to innovate our assessments to improve how we evaluate clinical reasoning skills?
Fairness in Testing
Want to see more from the Equity in Measurement and Assessment Conference (EMAC)?
Fairness in Testing
How do we move forward from the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action?
Fairness in Testing
How can we promote equity in measurement and assessment?
Fairness in Testing
What were the key takeaways from the inaugural Equity in Measurement and Assessment Conference (EMAC)?
Advancing Beyond Knowledge
What are the challenges of assessing clinical reasoning?
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Innovations in Assessment
How can we improve teaching and learning through natural language processing (NLP)?
Fairness in Testing
Assessment of a revolution: "How can we alleviate bias in test items?"
Fairness in Testing
How can we help ensure thoughtful consideration of patient characteristics within test items?
portion of OSCE infographic featuring the top 3 most appealing enhancements to OSCEs
Advancing Beyond Knowledge
How can OSCEs evolve to meet the needs of both educators and learners?
NBME Evolution
Fairness in Testing
Board of Directors: "How is NBME evolving with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion?"
two health coaches sitting at table talking
Advancing Beyond Knowledge
Health and Wellness Coaching: "How can we support more comprehensive approaches to health care?"
five educators on stage speaking at conference
Fairness in Testing
2022 NICE: "How can we incorporate DEI into assessment?"
Teacher and Medical Student
Advancing Beyond Knowledge
How can we better assess clinical reasoning skills in students?
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Innovations in Assessment
How can we leverage technology to keep assessments up-to-date, relevant and flexible without sacrificing quality?
Advancing Beyond Knowledge
Board of Directors: "Why do you serve and what does the future of NBME look like?"
Fairness in Testing
How can we support the future of the medical community?
The Path forward
We’re seeking the advice and opinions of our community to find out how we can best support your work in preparing the next generation of physicians. Please share your thoughts with us:
Video Queue:
  • A word from our President
    NBME President & CEO Peter Katsufrakis, MD discusses his vision for Reassess the Future and its potential impact.
  • NBME Evolution
    We asked three members of our Board of Directors to share their thoughts on NBME’s evolution and our commitment to DEI.
Be a Part of the Future of Assessment

More and more, medical education includes the advancement of skills and behaviors alongside knowledge, so students can develop as physicians who are fully prepared to provide effective patient care. We’re rethinking how innovative assessments can facilitate this evolution, but we can’t do it alone or without new perspectives and ideas.